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Places to be in Milwaukee: Lakefront Brewery

One of the many things the great city of Milwaukee is known for is its manufacturing of some of the best beer in the entirety of the continental United States of America. The Lakefront Brewery is one of the many places in Milwaukee that offers a closer look onto its production – but none can quite compare to how this brewery does it!

The people with Lakefront Brewery had always found it odd – the concept of serving beer only after the tour was finished. There is a more involved appreciation among the visitors if they can enjoy the product while learning the history of the brewery as well as their products. The great thing about the tours in this particular brewery is that there is no definite script in the sense that every tour guide has a different take on how to take the crowd around. This ensures a fresh and new experience with every group. You are sure to have a newfound appreciation with the production of the beverage long after the tour is done.

Something to look forward to at the end of the brewery tour is the famed sing-a-long to the theme of “Laverne and Shirley” – always a crowd favorite. The price of admission is at the reasonable cost of $7 and it comes with a souvenir pint glass as well as four pours of beer as well as a coupon for a complimentary beer at some of the Milwaukee establishments, as listed in the coupon. Also offered is their famed gluten-free beer, perfect for those with strict diets for health reasons and the first of its kind in America, called New Grisk.

It is definitely well worth the visit, should you find yourself in the Milwaukee, WI area!