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Not All Drugs are As Safe As They are Marketed and Advertised

Many types of over-the-counter drugs have provided immediate relief from pains and illnesses, like headache, toothache, cough and colds, and fever; prescription medicines, on the other hand, have helped control and/or treat serious health concerns, like heart ailment, diabetes, manic attacks and others – a good thing since millions of people in the U.S. rely on pharmaceutical products to regulate their physical and/or mental condition.

Perfectly safe and effective drugs can work wonders, no doubt about that. However, safe and effective, never go together often for what may be safe for one, may serve as poison (or a cause of another type of illness) to another, and what may just be the right dosage for one may not be enough or may be too much for someone else.

Before drugs are made available in the market, it first needs to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; but, before any of these can obtain an FDA approval, the drug’s manufacturer will first need to show proofs that the drug has been tested and proven safe and effective for patient use.

Despite the extensive research and tests conducted by pharmaceutical experts, however, many drugs still get reported to the FDA as causing the development of more serious illnesses or causing death in some of those who use them.

To make sure that drugs are safe is a legal obligation to all pharmaceutical companies. Besides this, drug makes are also obliged to include in their drug’s product label the risk/s associated with using their medicine. Companies that negligently fail in their duty to inform consumers about the risks associated with using their product can be sought after by those harmed through the use of these (products). Legal action that will enable those harmed to seek compensation from negligent pharmaceuticals is a right that victims have under the law. As explained in the website of the law firm Evans Moore, LLC, companies whose products have a direct effect on the health and well-being of the public have a responsibility to make sure they make safety a priority at every stage of the design and manufacturing process. When corners are cut to save time and money, lives are put at risk.

People who are harmed instead of being provided relief due to the use of medicinal products can hold the responsible company liable for whatever injury they sustain. There is no shortcut and easy way to making negligent manufacturers answer for their mistakes, however. Often, the fight is brought to court by filing a product liability lawsuit. It may give an injured victim the legal leverage necessary if he/she were to be represented by a highly-skilled product liability lawyer.

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