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The Type of Leak that can Damage Your House and Everything Else You Worked so Hard For

Houses built on a slab (concrete) foundation and constructed on expandable clay soil run the risk of getting subjected to expensive foundation damage if ever its plumbing system ends up having a leak. Besides a damaged foundation, plumbing leakage can also result to water seeping into your home, causing damage to your flooring, your carpet and some furniture, as well as causing mold or mildew growth throughout your home, resulting to major health concerns.

Some homeowners fail to quickly realize that there is a leak under their house’s concrete foundation, more so, to locate it if this problem really exists. Professional plumbers, like those from ALD Fort Worth, however, share tips on how homeowners can determine if there is indeed a leak. Signs of a slab leak or a leak under your concrete foundation include:

A sudden increase in your water bill (that is if the leaking pipe is for the cold water); if a leak is in a hot water pipe, then your electric bill will likewise reflect an increase. A hot spot on your flooring also indicates a leaking hot water pipe;

  • Your water meter spinning at a higher rate than before, or the water heater running more often;
  • There is that sound of running water even when all faucets are closed;
  • Cracks in walls or floors;
  • Mold or excessive moisture, especially under your carpet/s

A slab leak can damage your house’s foundation in two different ways. One is by saturating the soil underneath your house’s foundation. If the leak is a little big, the soil can be washed away so that a void is created. Your house’s foundation right on top of this void can crack and drop due to lack of proper support.

If your house is built on top of expansive clay soil, then another way is by causing this soil to experience large volume changes. The moisture caused by the leak will cause the soil to expand, when it dries out, though, it will contract. These can create a bulge underneath your foundation and cause it to be stressed and crack.

More important than realizing the effects of a slab leak is finding out what actually caused the leak as this will tell you what sort or repair is necessary. While some leaks are due to mistakes in installation, some are due to very old plumbing and, some others, because of long wet weather, which makes the soil to expand, or prolonged drought, which makes the soil to contract.

Whatever is the cause of the slab leak, having professional plumbers evaluate and fix it would be most logical thing to do. Because, first, this will save time and maybe even a substantial amount of cash and, second, they are experienced and have the proper tools and equipment needed for the repair; also, their work come with a guarantee.

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